Preparing For Your Barista Job Search

Online Barista Training, Barista Training Course, Online Barista Class, How to Be a Barista, Online Barista Training Course

Online Barista Training, Barista Training Course, Online Barista Class, How to Be a Barista, Online Barista Training Course

Not only do we provide online barista training, but we also cover topics related to searching and landing that barista job you have been thinking about.

Having barista skills can be beneficial. By knowing how to serve coffee, you can get a job nearly anywhere.

Here’s the truth: People hire who they know. So, you may consider holding off on emailing your resume for a day or two and actually visit your local coffee shops. Be a customer. Order something different or experience their espresso that they serve.

Again, people hire those who they are familiar with. That is why it is so important to “get out there” and meet people – other baristas, coffee managers, coffee roasters, and people in the industry in your local area. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Don’t be afraid of being too shy. Many, many people who are in the retail coffee community enjoy meeting people and they enjoy talking about their craft.

Additionally here are some other tips:

  • Get to know the other baristas and coffee shops.
  • Find out what type of coffee beans they serve and experiment with drinks and roast profiles.
  • Try something on the coffee menu.
  • Introduce yourself to the person who is doing the interviews or in a hiring position at your local café.
  • Become a familiar face in one of their “community” meetings or events.
  • Like your coffee spots on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (and other social media).
  • Take pictures of your coffee in an artistic manner and share them online.
  • Visit their website(s) and read their blog(s) and consider engaging with them in their comment section.
  • Read other Coffee Blogs or featured Coffee Shop articles.

It’s pretty obvious why you would want to do the above mentioned tips. These items make you more familiar with the café staff, management, and owners.

Again: people hire who they know.

This is a great thing to do because in your introductory email or your cover letter, you can address the manager or owner by his or her actual name, you can email pictures that you took, and you can talk about many of the items on the list – such as coffee roasters, menu items, or their community events.

Remember, coffee shop managers and owners understand about the importance of communicating and engaging with the community. As of now, you are a member of that community! So use that to your advantage, and get to know them.

Put your mind and heart in the position of the coffee shop owner who wants to hire the best coffee professionals in their neighborhood but understands this critical factor: excellent customer services means repeat customers. Making good coffee isn’t the only thing.

Coffee shop owners want the people who work for them to bring in customers.

What are some of the responsibilities of a barista?

Usually a barista’s job will usually entail several key factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Successfully utilize and maintain an espresso machine and other brewing methods for each customer.
  • Preparing a variety of coffee drinks, beverages, and snacks for each customer.
  • Have the ability and wise judgment and willingness to make decisions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain a positive work environment (this can be through your attitude, leadership, and motivation.)
  • Make sure the established policies and operation procedures are being followed.
  • You may be asked to mentor, coach, or train other employees.
  • You are to successfully ensure each transaction is correct, and monitor sales, labor, and any unnecessary waste.
  • Perform all “opening” or “closing” duties.
  • Maintain a certain dress code that is established by the business.
  • Complete other tasks and projects that have been assigned by a supervisor.
  • Attend mandatory meetings.
  • Positively, and effectively engage with each customer, each co-worker, supervisor, manager, and owner.

Addressing aforementioned criteria is often a good start. Remember, you lead with your attitude. Baristas can be trained to make coffee and in the procedures that are necessary to maintain a safe and successful work environment, but an attitude comes from within.

Whether you are a veteran or you are just starting out, continuous barista training matters to your professional development.

Other Preparation Tips Before Beginning Your Barista Job Search
That You Can Do TODAY:

1.  Review (and possibly change) your email address: If your email address is – you might want to change your email before using it to send out resumes or communicate with coffee shop owners.

2. Clean up your social profiles: While asking for your Facebook password is bound to fail legally (in many states), owners and managers can still check out your profile pictures and cover photos (as well as anything you don’t determine as private). Therefore, clean up your pictures and privatize your social media accounts.

3. Review (and possibly change) your voicemail message: If you are applying for a position anywhere, don’t force your interviewer to listen to 3 minutes of rap music before being able to leave you a message. Make your message – clear, concise, and professional – or use the automated settings.

4. Get Online Barista Training – By getting comprehensive barista training you can be on par or at one-step ahead of other barista candidates. We offer a comprehensive online barista training course enabling you to get the training you need to understand the concepts to serve coffee at any coffee shop.