Online Barista Training: Espresso Machine Maintenance Tips

online barista training

online barista training

Online Barista Training:
Espresso Machine Maintenance Tips

The secret of how to be a barista lies in being always diligent and neat in regards to your workstation and your own self. Don’t forget to trim your nails and hair, look tidy when you are getting ready for a barista job interview and on a daily basis after you get a job as a barista.

Clean and well-maintained espresso machine is critical for perfect performance and impeccable service. It is essential to keep your espresso machine and other coffee equipment clean to brew delicious coffee and make your customers come back to your coffee barista training, how to be a barista

It’s a great idea to do a full backflush twice a day. Do a backflush once in the middle of the day and then at night after you finish your shit. It’s important to continuously rinse the espresso machine with clear water throughout the day.

Cleaning tools

Your main cleaning tools to backflush your espresso machine will be: a blind portafilter and basket, group brush, espresso machine detergent, plastic bucket and pitcher multitasking tool with a screwdriver, damp clean towel, scouring pad and surface cleaner.

Cleaning espresso machine portafilters

Take out a portafilter and pop out the screen. You can use your towel to wipe a basket and a portafilter from the excess coffee oil. Drop them in a plastic bucket and add tiny amount of detergent. Fill it up with hot water to the bottom of a portafilter handle and leave soaking till you finish your full backflush.

Cleaning espresso machine groupheads

After you remove baskets from the portafilters, you want to flush hot water through a grouphead and lightly remove some particles on the screen with a brush. Also use your brush to clean around the grouphead barista training, how to be a baristaThen remove the screen with a screwdriver and leave it soak with the portafilter. Add a scoop of detergent and some water into a blind portafilter and insert in into a grouphead. Turn the groupheads on and do routine of 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for at least 5 times. Then run the same number of cycles without detergent.

If you still see that there are some coffee particles in the water or the water itself is yellow, run as many cycles as it needs to fully clean your grouphead.

After this, you want to remove the drip tray for cleaning. Rinse it in the sink and dry thoroughly.

Cleaning espresso machine steam wandhow to be a barista, online barista training

Don’t forget to clean a steam wand. Use milk detergent to remove the milk built up during the day. Add a little detergent to the pitcher, submerge your steam wand into it and turn on the steam wand. Turn off and leave it soaking. As it cools down it sucks up the detergent. Cover the steam wand with a towel and turn it on letting all the water out.

Clean the top of your espresso machine and the counter with a surface cleaner. As a good barista, you want to come and see a clean workstation next morning or help your colleagues who will start an early morning shift the next day.