Looking to Start a Coffee Shop?

barista training, start a coffee business as a barista

barista training, start a coffee business as a barista

Many baristas or soon-to-be baristas are looking to enter the retail coffee industry by eventually opening up their own coffee shop.

Many coffee shop business owners actually started off as a baristas. After getting their baristas skills through a variety of training options, they went on to establish their coffee businesses.

Opening a coffee shop requires a lot of skills. From serving coffee to understanding inventory management and budgeting, a coffee shop owner has a lot on his or her plate.

If you are looking for online barista training but you also have your eye on starting a coffee shop or setting up some kind of coffee business (either a coffee kiosk or espresso stand), consider that you do have some options to learn how to set up a coffee business.

Of course, you can get any number of good reads out there from the local library, but we think you will want something a little more robust than that.

We want to take an opportunity to recommend Coffee Shop Startups. They provide an excellent online resource to help you learn about setting up your coffee shop business.

We’ve looked at their program. We think it’s the best first step to starting your coffee shop business planning.

Here’s why:

It’s pretty comprehensive guide on setting up your coffee business – It gives you everything that you would learn from a book or anything else available in print, plus more. For example, it contains a thorough book on getting started, but it also address some very important key elements such as offering you a pricing guide, which is important to your profitability.

A coffee shop business plan you can actually use – The coffee business package that they provide has a comprehensive business plan guide and template you can easily edit and print. It walks you through each section and explains exactly what you need to have a professional business plan.

Great interviews with actual coffee shop owners and business experts – having the advice from seasoned coffee shop owners is a critical element that is often missing in many resources that are currently available to those looking to start a coffee shop.

Because of these reasons we’ve noted above, we believe that the complete package offered by Coffee Shop Startups is the number one way to start your coffee shop business planning. There just really isn’t another affordable way to learn what you need to know to open and set up a coffee business.

Even if you do decide to hire a consultant, you will most likely be in a better position to utilize their services by having a wider and more in-depth background in the retail coffee industry. When you're money and time are on the line, it makes sense to get as much education as you can. We encourage you to read as much as you can, take time to write your coffee shop business plan, and listen to the advice of current and past coffee shop owners.  If you medium-range business plan is to set up your own coffee shop, consider getting your online barista training with us and then getting additional business help too.

For more information, visit CoffeeShopStartups.com