Being a Barista: Is it a Great Job Choice?

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If you are looking for new job prospects or simply want to change your work scene, you’ll be happy to know that being a barista has a promising future.

There is a coffee revival going on in the United States – and across the globe – with more and more people demanding specialty coffee.

With a great demand for specialty coffee, new cafes and coffee shops are sprouting up all over the place. This means that currently are plenty of opportunities for employment now and in the future.

Benefits of Being a Barista

There are several great benefits of being a barista. I will discuss a few of them below. Before I mention them I assume that you actually love – not like coffee! While it is not a prerequisite to like coffee as a barista, it sure helps! The best baristas are propelled to the top of their game by their true passion for coffee.

Drinking Coffee for Free!

I have to mention this first and get it out of the way. If you love coffee and experimenting with coffee drinks, what better way than by being a barista? Being a barista not only allows you to experiment with the coffee drinks you like, but you also try other drinks that you would have never tasted!

Being Social

Being a “people’s person” really helps when you are a barista. If you love to chat, meet new people, and talk about the news of day, then you will enjoying being a barista. Baristas talk all day long with many people – including some café “regulars.”

Flexible Schedule

Being a barista can afford you a little flexibility in your scheduling. The shifts usually last 4-8 hours. So you can schedule your shift before your afternoon class or after your regular work day at your first job. It is common that baristas have other jobs while working with coffee.

Potential for Great Pay

The pay for baristas can vary. It depends on the type of establishment (i.e. coffee shop) you work for. It also depends on the culture of the café and the owners’ encourage their customers paying tips. For example, is there a tip jar out? Is there a line on your check to leave a tip? It also depends on whether your café location is busy. With that said, some baristas can make $12 – $30 an hour in tips alone. Add this to their minimum wage, which often ranges from $8 – $10 per hour.

Job Security

By having barista skills, you can literally get a job in any town that serves coffee. With the popularity of coffee, you can work for cafes, coffee shops, espresso bars, restaurants, and hotels – or any other place that serves coffee!

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