The Beauty of Latte Art

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After spending hours of searching online how to get a job as a barista and writing your barista CV you can start your training. The best idea is to consult Barista Training Academy – your best online resource. Latte art is a great way to decorate your drinks and make them even more appealing for your customers.

There are plenty of local and world latte art championships. And many customers everywhere value beautifully decorated beverages.

Online Barista Training, Barista Training Course, Online Barista Class, How to Be a Barista, Online Barista Training Course

Free pour

Free pour is the most popular latte art technique to create such common latte art designs as a heart, rosetta, organic flower and tulip.

For any latte art design use just steamed polished milk and always swirl your espresso once to break down the crema. Let’s talk about how to create the most basic free poured design – a heart.

Start a little high above the cup and. Pour slowly in the center of the cup to mix the coffee with the milk. As the cup fills a little bit more than a half and move your pitcher lower and keep pouring the milk.

This will allow the foam to lay on top of your cappuccino if you are making one. When the cup is full lift up your pitcher and with a sudden abrupt motion then cut through the white spot across the cup to create a heart’s shape.

To make a ringed or hard heart you start in the same manner – start pouring your milk a little high above the cup in the middle of your espresso. Then lower your pitcher and start lightly “wiggling” your pitcher from the center towards the rim of the cup. Wiggling creates arches of foam on top of your beverage. When you are ready lift up the pitcher and strike through the pattern. This will create a ringed heart.

Heart-shaped design should be poured so that a right-handed person can drink from the bottom of a heart design. It’s always a good idea to notice if your customer is left-handed and adjust your free pour technique appropriately.


During your online barista training you have to learn about all types of latte art. Etching is another type of latte art that uses chocolate sauce and pointed tools to created etched designs of mochas and hot chocolates. There are two main types of etched designs: a herring bone and spider web. You can use a toothpick or thermometer probe for each of these designs.

For a spider web put a little of milk foam on top of your drink and make 2-3 circles around it with chocolate sauce. Make 4 strokes with a toothpick from the center to the rim of the cup. Make 4 strokes from the rim of the cup towards the center in between two other lines.

For a herring bone use the foam from the pitcher and “draw” 3 thin lines across the cup with a coffee spoon. Outline these lines with chocolate sauce. Striking your tool back and forth make four perpendicular lines across the cup to finish your design.

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