Barista Training: What Are Barista Responsibilities?

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Barista Training:
What Are Barista Responsibilities?

Every barista position is different because every coffee business is different, every shift is different, every company is different, every manager is different, and finally, every person has a different level of experience to begin with.

And yet there are some common barista responsibilities that run true wherever you work.

As a barista you just don’t make coffee, you make the coffee experience for your customer. Your customer service skills among all the skills that are needed to be a great barista is probably the most important.

Your customer service skills derive from your attitude, your heart, and your motivation to be successful. These skills can translate to any industry, any job, or any career that you go in. Often, customer service skills can be learned and improved when a “general awareness” is reached about the importance of your role in the coffee experience.

Sometimes, having the “awareness” is often the hardest part. So, developing mentors, maintaining professional development through courses, etc. can be important as well.

Barista Training Question:
So what are some of the responsibilities of a barista?

Your barista job will usually entail several key factors:

  • Successfully utilize and maintain an espresso machine and other brewing methods for each customer.
  • Preparing a variety of coffee drinks, beverages, and snacks for each customer.
  • Have the ability and wise judgment and willingness to make decisions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain a positive work environment (this can be through your attitude, leadership, and motivation.)
  • Keep your espresso machine well-maintained and clean.
  • Make sure the established policies and operation procedures are being followed.
  • You may be asked to mentor, coach, or train other employees.
  • You are to successfully ensure each transaction is correct, and monitor sales, labor, and any unnecessary waste.
  • Perform all “opening” or “closing” duties.
  • Maintain a certain dress code that is established by the business.
  • Complete other tasks and projects that have been assigned by a supervisor
  • Attend mandatory meetings.
  • Positively, and effectively engage with each customer, each co-worker, supervisor, manager, and owner.

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Addressing aforementioned criteria is often a good start. Remember, you lead with your attitude. Baristas can be trained to make coffee and in the procedures that are necessary to maintain a safe and successful work environment, but an attitude comes from within.

If you are considering becoming a barista, feel free to continue to explore our growing database of topics.