Barista Training Resume Tips

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If you are training to become a barista, then you will want to focus a bit on your resume when you are looking for a barista position. Some barista positions may be pretty competitive, especially if they the barista position that happens to be at a trendy and busy coffee shop where tip are much more prevalent.

The following is key for the barista training tips you should consider before heading into your interview:

Barista Training Resume Tip 1:

No typos. While many resumes with typos and grammatical errors come into café owners and café managers. They are a turn off and reduce your chances of getting a call back. Read and re-read your resume. Chances are you moved things around and cut and pasted. Make sure that your resume flows. However, to insure that there are no errors, re-read from the bottom up.

Barista Training Resume Tip 2:

Add a bullet pointed area of skills that include important information. For example, do you have waitressing experience? Are you a home roaster? Do you have marketing or promotional experience? Do you know excel or software? When you think of all the skills necessary to run a coffee shop, “extra” skills noted may help you stand out. While you don’t want to throw everything in your resume, be aware that you are applying to a business that has many needs. While your job is primarily to serve coffee and work on the espresso machine, your other work experiences and office skills may make you a very appealing employee.

Barista Training Resume Tip 3:

Don’t submit more than two pages of your resume. For the most part it will usually not be read. Your resume should be concise but offer relative information about you and your job experiences.

Barista Training Resume Tip 4:

Emphasis your customer service skills. Were you voted the “employee of the month” at your last job? Do you have any special training? Have you taken a CPR class? These skills which emphasize in a great customer service experience or customer service health and safety, are very important.

Barista Training Resume Tip 5:

Demonstrate your passion for coffee throughout the resume. Perhaps, you have a coffee blog or you have visited a coffee plantation before, make a note of it. Coffee shop owners love the idea of bringing on staff who are passionate about coffee and who are willing to share their passion with co-workers and customers.

Barista Training Resume Tip 6:

Get barista training. While you might not have any barista experience, the fact that you have demonstrated the willingness to take a barista course says that you are determined to learn. Your dedication of learning all that you can makes you stand out in the crowd.

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