How To Be A Barista With No Experience

how to be a barista

how to be a barista


If you are thinking about being a barista or wondering what the requirements are of getting a barista job, you’re in the right place.

Here at Barista Training Academy, we want to prepare you to get your first barista job.

Our online resources and training will allow you to gain the knowledge and confidence that you need to apply to any entry-level barista position available.

Becoming a barista has some great benefits, which makes it a great job for many people at different places in their lives. So, how do you get a barista job if you don’t have experience as barista?

Even if you don’t have experience pouring coffee or “pulling shots” as a barista, you can get a job with coffee.

We believe that there are a few important elements to getting a job as a barista with no experience:

Willingness to Learn

You may not know – right now – how to be a barista. However, if you have the willingness to learn and show an earnest interest in learning how to be a barista, you will find many coffee shop owners and managers willing to consider you for a barista position. The willingness to learn how to be a barista is a very appealing attribute to have, especially when applying for a barista job.

If you are willing to learn, then you are trainable, and therefore a good candidate to be a barista. Now, will some coffee shop owners want experience? Yes. Will some coffee shop owners want you to hit the ground running at their coffee shop? Yes. But there are certainly other very important elements that will make you an appealing barista job candidate.

Passion for Coffee

You don’t have to be a barista to have a genuine passion for coffee. People love coffee. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a need for baristas, right?

You can demonstrate your long-standing passion for coffee by your willingness to try new coffees, try different brewing methods, or simply learn about coffee as an agricultural product.

Coffee can inspire you in a number of different ways. Demonstrating a deep passion for coffee can make you stand out among other barista job applicants.


Detailed Oriented

Being a barista requires attention to detail. Taking care of your espresso machine and making the best espresso shot you can requires you to fine tune your equipment, all with require you to be detailed oriented.

Fine-tuning your grinder, tamping just right, controlling your water flow, your milk, as well as other small details will help you serve the best coffee and be the best barista you can be, all play an important role. Being detailed oriented can help you stand out as a barista job candidate, but more importantly it can help you be a great barista.


Customer Service

Being a barista requires you to demonstrate excellent customer service all the time. This is tougher than it sounds. Delivering consistent quality customer service to every customer is essential for your coffee business to be successful. It requires patience and a real genuineness.

If you want to be a barista but don’t have any experience, showing or demonstrating previous jobs where customer service played a key role can be another appealing attribute. 


how to be a barista



Other Essential Elements to Being a Barista

Other important elements and traits to have that will help you get a job as barista with no experience:

Personality – having a “positive” personality might seem superficial, but it makes a big difference when it comes to delivering customer service. Consider your own experiences when you go to a coffee shop or restaurant. Being greeted, served, and addressed by staff members with personality makes all the difference.


Availability – your availability is one key component to getting a job as a barista. Some barista positions require you to up at 4:00 am and serving coffee by 5:30 am. If you have a flexible schedule and you are more than willing to be get your “foot in the door” regardless of the hours they need you, can help you stand out among a other barista job candidates.


Dependability – Being dependable is an essential trait to have as an employee. Coffee shops, whatever the size, depend on their employees to make good decisions that impact their business. Often times these decisions are made outside of work. For example, getting to bed early so that you can be up and on-time for work.


Honesty – Working in a coffee shop generally means that there will be a lot of cash around. Coffee shop owners and managers are extremely aware of this. Coffee shop owners need dependable people with good personalities and who know how to serve their customers amazing coffee drinks, but they also need honest employees.  

Stealing cash or giving away free product (i.e. coffee and snacks) their friends is very common. Hiring honest employees matter.  

How does this translate to hiring you as a barista with no experience?  When you interview, simply give honest answers. Translate your honesty with authenticity which builds trust with the owner or manager of the coffee shop.


Other Business Skills

You might now have any barista experience, but there are other skills that may make you a “standout” among other candidates with experience.

For example, you may have worked at a large retailer and have inventory management experience. You may have worked in a restaurant and have food service experience. You may have worked in the medical field and you might know general first aid, CPR, etc.

All of these other skills can translate to making you a very appealing candidate.