How To Be A Barista: Manual Coffee Brewing

how to be a barista, online barista training

how to be a barista, online barista training

How To Be A Barista:
Manual Coffee Brewing

As a part of your online barista training you want to know not only how to brew a delicious coffee with the help of espresso machine. In fact, besides espresso machine there are many ways of how to brew coffee manually. Many coffee snobs prefer manual coffee brewing method because it reveals a different side and character of the coffee beans.

The main difference between manual brewing and espresso machine brewing is the way of how water is delivered to brew the coffee. In manual brewing, you don’t use hot pressurized water to extract your coffee.

Also, in manual coffee preparation process you use a bulk coffee grinder. It doesn’t have a storage hopper and you can grind as much coffee as you want right into the filter you use. When you brew your coffee manually you always use a paper filter.

The ideal coffee to water ratio is 60 g of coffee per 1 liter of water. The longer you brew your coffee, the coarser the grind should be. The best coffee brew time is around 4-6 minutes. After you brew your coffee you can store it for 45 min to 1 hour. The optimum temperature of water is 195 to 205 F.

When you brew your coffee manually always keep in mind other variables: how much water goes in the pot and thus how much coffee you need to grind, how coarse the grind size should be and how long the extraction time will be.

While you are learning how to be a barista, you should know the basic manual brewing methods are a pour-over method, French press and batch barista training, how to be a barista

Pour-over brewing method

Pour-over coffee is any coffee brewed by pouring hot water on top of the coffee grounds (using Chemex, Hario, Kalita Vawe, etc.).how to be a barista, online barista training

First, rinse your paper filter to prevent a paper taste in the coffee. Pour this hot water away. Weigh the amount of coffee you need, grind it and put in the filter.

Start “blooming” your coffee by pouring a small amount of hot water onto the coffee grounds. Stop when the coffee is saturated. Stop for roughly 30 seconds to allow the carbon dioxide escape. Continue pouring hot water evenly until you reach the desired coffee to water ratio. Leave the filter until the water fully drips through the coffee. Remove the filter and your coffee is ready to be barista training, how to be a barista

French press

You use the coarsest grind for this brewing method. In French press method coffee grounds and the water are mixed together all the time.

You want to starts from weighing and grinding your coffee. Fill the French press with the grounds and start pouring hot water leaving an inch of room from the top.

After 1 minute you can use a spoon to stir and sink in the crust on the surface of the water. Put the lid on and leave your coffee saturate for 4-6 minutes. Pour coffee into a cup and barista training, how to be a barista

Batch brewing

As a part of your barista training you will have to brew big amounts of coffee. Batch brewing is a brewing method where you want to brew multiple drinks at once. The coffee is brewed in big batch brewers. As a good barista you want to add the correct dose of coffee at the correct grind and set the correct filter for perfect brewing.