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Welcome to Barista Training Academy! Our aim is to provide you with a relevant, affordable and convenient way to learn barista skills so that you can be confident as you apply to your first barista job. Whether you plan to work in a drive-thru espresso stand, a full coffee bar, or you want to open your own coffee business, Barista Training Academy can help empower you by giving you the barista skills you need.

We aim to do three important things here at Barista Training Academy:

Increase your knowledge – Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of being a barista.

Increase your confidence – With your increased knowledge and familiarity with the subject matter, holding a better grasp of the language associated with the tools and processes of making coffee, you will be more confident to start your barista job.

Improve your chances of being hired – With the knowledge and confidence, and additional resources for helping you write the best resume possible, we hope to improve your chances as being hired as a barista.

Investing in your coffee knowledge and barista skills proves a passion for coffee that many coffee business owners value.

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Learn Barista Training Fundamentals

Offering barista training fundamental opportunities, the Barista Training Academy focuses on topics that provide you with the information you want as you start your barista career. From healthy, hygiene, to beans, quality, and customer service, the Barista Training Academy wants to provide as much information for you to move in the direction of your choice.


Learn How Baristas Get the Highest Paying Jobs

The secrets to earning more money via tips isn’t rocket science, but you will want valuable information to help improve your chances of earning the highest possible wages . The Barista Training Academy realizes that tips matter to the livelihood of many baristas today. Why not be able to learn simple – but extremely valuable tips – to increase your income? Here at the Barista Training Academy we will provide tips that work to increase your monthly income.


Get Information on Our Online Barista Training Service

There are many resources for barista trainings but many are not in your area. Additionally, many might not be trust worthy. Every barista training program on this website has been personally verified. Stay connected and receive updates.


Real Life Advice and Discussions on Barista Training & Barista Job Search

Baristas are real people – and we think that you deserve real advice. So, we here at the Barista Training Academy will try an provide you with frank, real-life advice on topics that are important to baristas. These include (but are not limited to): Barista Training, Health Care, Money Management, Customer Service, Failure points, Success stories, etc.  For more information, read out Barista Training Academy Blog.